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Zhejiang University;

Zhejiang Machinery and Electrical Group

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Editorial of Journal of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

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TANG ren-zhong,

LUO Xiang-yang






No.9 Gaoguannong,Daxue Road,Hangzhou,China




Brief Introduction of technical periodical


Brief Introduction of technical periodical

1. Introduction to the publication

The Journal of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering was founded in 1971.

Organizer: Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Group, Zhejiang University

Director of the Editorial Board: TAN Jian-rong

Editor in Chief: ZHAO Qun

Deputy Editor in Chief: TANG Ren-zhong, LUO Xiang-yang

Executive Editor in Chief: LUO Xiang-yang


The Journal of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: Peking University Chinese Core Journal, China Science and Technology Paper Statistical Source Journal (China Science and Technology Core Journal), China Core Journal (RCCSE), China Association for Science and Technology's "Classification Catalogue of High Quality Science and Technology Journals in the Field of Mechanical Engineering" selected journal, and "World Impact Index (WJCI) Report of Science and Technology Journals" selected journal. It is a journal with high academic influence in the domestic mechanical field, as well as a high-quality science and technology journal in Zhejiang Province.


Purpose of publication:

Publish innovative theoretical research and engineering technology achievements in cutting-edge interdisciplinary fields of mechanical engineering, promote academic exchanges, and serve technological innovation.


Impact factor: The composite impact factor of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is 1.620, ranking 11th among 91 domestic mechanical engineering journals indexed by CNKI.


Main columns

Mechanics, mechanical design, mechanical parts and transmission devices, mechanical manufacturing processes, pumps and valves, lifting and transportation machinery, gas compression and conveying machinery, instrumentation technology, mechatronics integration technology; automation technology (applied in the field of machinery), et al.


The inclusion of publications in major core journal sources and international databases:

1 American Chemical Abstracts (CA)

2 British Scientific Abstracts (SA, INSPEC)

3. Japan Science and Technology Revitalization Agency Database (JST)

4 Russian Journal of Abstracts (AJ)

5 Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA (T, NS))

6 Polish Copernicus Index (IC)

7 Ceramic Digest (CA)

8 International Aeronautics and Astronautics Digest (IAA)

9 British Library Document Supply Center (BLDSC)

10.Ulrich Journal Guide (UPD) in the United States

11 Full text of EBSCOhost in the United States

12 Journals included in the "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" by Peking University

13 Chinese Science and Technology Paper Statistical Source Journals (Chinese Science and Technology Core Journals)

14 Chinese Science and Technology Paper and Citation Database (CSTPCD) Source Journal

15 Chinese Core Journals RCCSE Selected Journals

16 Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Source Journals


Chinese standard continuous publication number (serial number):

ISSN 1001-4551

CN 33-1088/TH


Issue: Monthly, in large 16 folio

Domestic distribution: Zhejiang Provincial Press and Publication Bureau

Domestic subscription: Post offices across the country

Postal code: 32-68

Domestic pricing: 18 yuan/copy

Foreign distribution: China Publishing and Foreign Trade Corporation (Beijing 782 mailbox)

Foreign code: MO3135

Publication date: 20th of each month

Advertising Release Registration Certificate: Hangshi Guangfa G-001


2. Unit Introduction

Zhejiang Journal of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is the editorial and publishing unit of Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. It was restructured from the original Zhejiang Journal House of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 2019 and is now a second level member enterprise (wholly-owned subsidiary) of Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Group (formerly Provincial Department of Machinery).


Address: No. 95 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Postal Code: 310002

Phone: 0571-87041360 87239525



3. Company account information

Zhejiang Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

(1) Bank account information

Opening Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hangzhou Jiefang Road Branch

Account Name: Zhejiang Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Account: 1202 0207 0901 4454 133

(2) Alipay account information

Alipay account:

Alipay account name: Zhejiang Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

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