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Study on the alignment method of hydraulic support
Published:2021-07-20 author:WANG Yu-zhuo, CHANG Zong-xu, GAO Fei, et al Browse: 780 Check PDF documents
Study on the alignment method of hydraulic support

WANG Yu-zhuo, CHANG Zong-xu, GAO Fei, LIAN Zi-sheng

(College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of error accumulation in automatic alignment of comprehensive exploit coal face based on hydraulic support, the straightening process and control method of hydraulic support were studied. By analyzing the straightening process of each hydraulic support, the moving formula of each hydraulic support was constructed, and the mathematical models of straightness error and overshoot were deduced. Through theoretical analysis and numerical simulating, the principle and the effect of this method were verified . And the straightening effect of incomplete compensation straightening method under different displacement errors was compared. The effects of different compensation coefficient N on straightness error and overshoot were analyzed. The results indicate that the rational determination of compensation coefficient is helpful to reduce the error accumulation. The straightness error and overshoot of the hydraulic support are limited a certain range. The range of straightness error is decided by the deviation (δp,δq,δo) of detection error and the advancing error of the hydraulic support. The appropriate compensation coefficient N can reduce the straightness error by 50%, and it has better straightening effect.

Key words:  hydraulic support; straightness error; overshoot; alignment method
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