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HUO Xu-kun, MA Xiao-lu, LIU Yan, et al.
Published:2021-11-23 author:Motion planning of intelligent transfer forklift based on steering angle transformation Browse: 614 Check PDF documents
Motion planning of intelligent transfer forklift based 
on steering angle transformation

HUO Xu-kun1, MA Xiao-lu1, LIU Yan2, WU Li-hui1

(1.School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 450001, China;
2.Hunan Yingchun Spring lntelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., Ningxiang 410006, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the attitude adjustment problem of intelligent transfer forklift during unmanned loading, the motion planning problem of its driving process was studied. First, the running orbit characteristics of the ordinary forklift during the loading operations were studied and combined with forklift truck kinematics analysis, in the initial state and target state constraints, the curvature of bounded constraint, steering speed bounded acceleration, steering bounded and sideslip constraint condition, the movement control model was established based on 9 kinds of running state of steering angle transformation. Then, the relative pose of the target was input into the model and the model was run, the control parameters was calculated and the optimal trajectory and heading planning strategy were generated. Finally, in the MATLAB environment, the target pose parameters were input, that is, the feasible trajectory was generated, and the relationship between the change of steering angle, heading angle, coordinate offset and the corresponding running trajectory of the forklift pose was revealed. The simulation and research results show that the established model can quickly generates motion planning control parameters within the range of forward displacement of 5m~8m, lateral displacement of ±2m and course angle of ±10°; and its average elapsed time is about 0.0123s. The motion planning model can improve the previous path planning algorithm, eliminate the need to optimize the smoothness of path curve to achieve the optimal path planning process, reduce the calculation amount of forklift operation control, and reduce the running time of about 59%.

Key words:  intelligent transfer forklift; steering angle transformation; MATLAB; motion planning algorithm

HUO Xu-kun, MA Xiao-lu, LIU Yan, et al. Motion planning of intelligent transfer forklift based on steering angle transformation[J].Journal of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, 2021,38(9):1212-1220.

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