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High-throughput testing system for mechanical tensile properties of parallel micro-specimen
Published:2022-06-16 author:WANG Gui-yong, WANG Hai-zhou, WANG Peng, et al. Browse: 33 Check PDF documents
High-throughput testing system for mechanical tensile 
properties of parallel micro-specimen

WANG Gui-yong1,2, WANG Hai-zhou1,3, WANG Peng1,2, ZHU Lin-mao1,2, ZHU Tie-zhu1,2, 

SHEN Xue-jing1,2, ZHAO Lei2,3, LI Dong-ling2,3

(1.Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Beijing 100081, China;
2.NCS Testing Technology Co., LTD., 
Beijing 100081, China;
3.Beijing Key Laboratory of Metal Material Characterization, Beijing 100081, China)

Abstract:  Aiming at the problem of the lack of high-throughput testing equipment and methods for mechanical tensile properties of materials, a high-throughput testing system based on parallel for mechanical tensile properties of microsamples was proposed. The structure of the testing system was designed and its working principle was explained. The control system and software of the testing system was designed, its work flow was explained, and the testing system was built. Then, the accuracy of the testing system was evaluated, and experimental research was carried out. In the experiment, three types of micro tensile specimens of different sizes were designed, which were sampled and processed on the national standard tensile material, and were tested on the testing system. Finally, the results of the experiment were analyzed, and the uncertainty of the testing results was evaluated. The results indicate that the accuracy level of the high-throughput testing system for mechanical tensile properties of micro-specimen based on parallel is 0.5, the strength of the tested specimen has a decreasing trend as the diameter of the specimen decreases,and the uncertainty of the evaluated testing results meets the requirements of GB/T 228.1-2010 Metallic Materials-Tensile Testing Part 1:Method of Test at Room Temperature. The testing system is feasible which can test the mechanical tensile properties of multiple micro-samples at the same time, and the dispersion of the test results is small. The relevant research can provide design reference for high-throughput testing and engineering application of mechanical properties of micro-specimen.

Key words:  metallic material; mechanical tensile property; microspecimen; high-throughput testing system

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