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Realization of proportional solenoid valve digital linear amplifier based on FPGA
Published:2023-02-15 author:CHEN Hong-xing. Browse: 497 Check PDF documents
Realization of proportional solenoid valve digital 
linear amplifier based on FPGA

CHEN Hong-xing

(The 715 Research Institute, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limiteel, Hangzhou 310023, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of non-linearity between desired output and the input of a proportional solenoid valve amplifier without external feedback signal,the function of each parameter in the operation of the amplifier was studied, and a method to implement a linear amplifier by prestoring matching parameters and executing no tracking during current jump was proposed. Firstly, the problems that need to be solved effectively in realizing linear amplifier were defined. Secondly, based on those problems, through analysis of the existing amplifiers using TRIZ, the solution of inventive principles was obtained. Then, according to the solution, the control valueoutput current relationship was formed into an inverse matching table, the output current-sampling current relationship was formed into another matching table, and the two matching tables were pre-stored in the amplifier. Finally, the control functions of the amplifier were realized in field programmable gate array (FPGA), and the measurement of matching parameters, test of static performance of the amplifier, and verification of engineering application were carried out for different proportional valves. The research results show that the implementation of the digital linear amplifier is reasonable and effective,with linear error between the input/output less than 1.5%and the current steady-state establishment time less than 0.1s. The amplifier can be applied in the hydraulic system, reducing complexity of its control system. The control system can exchange parameters with the amplifier on time, which is convenient for remote control.

Key words:  proportional solenoid valve amplifier; field programmable gate array(FPGA); hydraulic control valve; hydraulic remote control; desired output; control input
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