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Design and development of eol test system on common rail ECU
Published:2018-09-20 author: SUN Lihang, ZHOU Wenhua, NIE Fei Browse: 356 Check PDF documents
                                                    Design and development of eol test system on common rail ECU
                                                                    SUN Lihang, ZHOU Wenhua, NIE Fei
                                     (College of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of domestic ECU test system, such as low intelligence and poor scalability, the input/output signals and functions of high pressure common rail ECU were analyzed, and the existing achievements of ECU test system were summarized. A high efficiency, intelligent and extensible EOL (end of line) test system was designed which can perform automatic connection, power management, program downloading, test with one click and database management. Simulation of the actual working conditions and fetching the content of the right location was used to test the corresponding function, and can calibration protocol was used to communicate between ECU and test system. According to the advantages of Labview and TestStand software, the test system software, which has simple and intuitive user interface, was developed in three layers. The test results of several ECUs indicate that,the test system can complete full function test of high pressure common rail ECU, eliminate the effect of human operation on test results.

Key words: virtual instrument; high pressure common rail; end of line test system; LabVIEW; TestStand

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