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Simplification of backstepping control algorithm for passive electro hydraulic system
Published:2022-09-22 author:ZHANG Shao-feng, JIN Xiao-hong, ZHOU Yuan, et al. Browse: 532 Check PDF documents
Simplification of backstepping control algorithm for 
passive electro hydraulic system

ZHANG Shao-feng1, JIN Xiao-hong1,2, ZHOU Yuan2, HUANG Hao2

(1.Key Laboratory of Metallurgical Equipment and Control Technology of Ministry of Education, Wuhan University of 

Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, China; 2.Hubei Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission and 
Manufacturing Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the main problems of passive electro-hydraulic loading system, such as precision, redundant force and large mass load, a simplified method for the backstepping controller was proposed. Firstly, the structure and order of the control signal were analyzed on the basis of restraining the surplus force by using the backstepping control algorithm. Then the influence of load quality on control signal was expounded. The order of magnitude of each component of the control signal was calculated and its proportion weight was analyzed. Finally, a small order of magnitude part of the control signal structure was ignored to simplify the backstepping controller, Lyapunov stability theory was used to verify the effectiveness of the simplified backstepping controller and the stability of the system, and MATLAB/Simulink was used to verify the effectiveness of the control strategy and control performance. The results show that, when the passive electro-hydraulic system has position interference, after adding the simplified backstep controller and inputting different command signals, the system can show good tracking performance: at 10Hz, the output force can quickly track the command signal within 31 ms and the steady-state error is only 0.94%. The simplified backstepping controller has a simple structure which is more convenient for engineering implementation, and can effectively restrain the redundant force under certain mass load, with better effect and faster tracking command signal speed.

Key words: passive electrohydraulic system;Lyapunov;backstepping controller;redundant force;large mass load; position interference; tracking performance
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