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Influence of load, temperature and speed on bearing oil film thickness and life
Published:2022-09-22 author:XU Li-hui, LUO Yong-shui, HE Jun-wei, et al. Browse: 598 Check PDF documents

Influence of load, temperature and speed on 
bearing oil film thickness and life

XU Li-hui1,2, LUO Yong-shui1,2 , HE Jun-wei1,2, HE Xian-zhao1,2

(1.Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd., Hangzhou 310000, China; 2.Key Laboratory of 
Wind Power Technology of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou 310000, China)

Abstract:  Due to the lack of effective test equipment and test methods, there was a lack of test research on the main shaft bearings of high-power wind turbines in the industry. Therefore, the influence of bearing load, operating temperature and operating speed on the bearing oil film thickness and life was studied. Firstly, the three-dimensional model of the main shaft test-bed was built and analyzed with Romax software. Based on GL2012 guide, the bearing load was calculated according to the maximum contact stress 1 650 MPa and bearing life 175 000 hours. Then, based on the calculated load and bearing rate speed, the effect of bearing load, temperature and speed on film thickness, contact stress and bearing life were analyzed. Finally, according to the film thickness and contact stress, the test load was determined. The results indicate that in order to avoid the edge stress concentration circumstance, bearing load must be less than 8 822 kN. In order to realize the elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication effect during test, the bearing temperature must be less than 65 ℃. When the bearing speed increases from 10.5 r/min to 30.6 r/min, the bearing minimum oil film thickness increases by 188%. According to the requirement of 175 000 hours fatigue life, when the bearing test speed is 12 r/min, the equivalent test is 2 984 hours under the load 8 500 kN, and the above results provide theoretical support for the actual bearing test.

Key words:  spherical roller bearing;wind turbine main bearing; bearing oil film thickness; bearing life;bearing load;bearing operating temperature; bearing speed
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