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Synchronous control system of hydraulic cylinder of fan coil car controlled by particle swarm fuzzy PID
Published:2022-09-22 author:ZHAO Li-zhu, SU Dong-hai, ZUO Wei,et al. Browse: 203 Check PDF documents
Synchronous control system of hydraulic cylinder of 
fan coil car controlled by particle swarm fuzzy PID

ZHAO Li-zhu, SU Dong-hai, ZUO Wei, ZOU Hao-tong

(College of Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang 110870, China)

Abstract:  Aiming at the problem that the synchronous control accuracy of a new hydraulic fan coil car drive cylinder group was low, the synchronous control strategy of hydraulic cylinder group under load force disturbance was studied. A fuzzy PID controller based on particle swarm was proposed.Firstly, the mathematical model of single driving cylinder and the synchronous control system model of cylinder group were established. Secondly, particle swarm optimization(PSO) algorithm was used to optimize the quantization factor Ke, Kec and scale factor Ku of fuzzy controller iteratively, and then three control parameters of PID controller were adjusted. Then, the output displacement difference of two hydraulic cylinders was used as feedback signal, and the error compensator was introduced to form the state difference feedback. Finally, under the joint action of step excitation signal and constant load disturbance signal, the synchronous control of the drive cylinder group was simulated by Simulink,and the results were compared with traditional PID controller and fuzzy PID controller. The results show that compared with traditional PID controller and fuzzy PID controller, the synchronous system under PSOfuzzy PID controller control runs stably, without overshoot, with only weak oscillation and short adjustment time, and the synchronization accuracy is high under the influence of step disturbance force. The driving cylinder group can move accurately, and it has strong adaptive ability.

Key words:  hydraulic cylinder; hydraulic synchronous control; fan coil car; fuzzy PID control; particle swarm optimization(PSO) algorithm; drive cylinder group; state difference feedback
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