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Conveyor belt deviation and deviation correction study under eccentric load conditions
Published:2022-09-22 author:YU Hao, TIAN Jun-jie, YAO Qing, et al. Browse: 163 Check PDF documents

Conveyor belt deviation and deviation correction 
study under eccentric load conditions

YU Hao1, TIAN Jun-jie1, YAO Qing1, LIU Hong-mei1,2
(1.School of Mechanical Engineering, Nantong University, Nantong 226019, China; 2.School of 
Transportation and Civil Engineering, Nantong University, Nantong 226019, China)

Abstract:  Under the eccentric load condition of belt conveyor, the material eccentric load will cause transverse impact and deviation to the conveyor belt. Therefore, the transverse impact characteristics and deviation characteristics of the conveyor belt of belt conveyor under eccentric load were studied. Firstly, the conveyor belt was discretized to establish a flexible belt. The data exchange between EDEM and ADAMS was realized by Cosimulation plugin to consider the influence of eccentric load materials on the conveying process of belt. Then, based on the coupling results, the lateral amplitude impact analysis of the conveyor belt was carried out in ADAMS, and the buffer device and the deviation correction device were designed through the analysis. Finally, in order to verify the feasibility of the simulation model of the conveyor belt deviation correction device, a deviation correction test platform was built, and many tests were carried out to prove the feasibility of the deviation correction device. The results show that the conveyor belt is affected by material impact and eccentric load in the bearing section, and the transverse impact amplitude is large. Under the setting of buffer device, the impact and deviation trend are alleviated. Through the simulation of the deviation correction device, it is found that it can achieve good deviation correction, and the deviation correction value is less than the standard of 5% of the bandwidth, which meets the industry standard of belt conveyor. By measuring the rectification results for many times on the deviation correction test platform, it is found that the error is within the range of 0.2mm~0.4mm, which meets the accuracy requirements.
Key words:  belt conveyor; deviation characteristic of conveyor belt; eccentric load conditions; discretization processing; coupling plug-in; lateral impact characteristic

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