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Friction torque characteristics of airframe rod end swing bearing
Published:2023-01-30 author:JIANG Di-yong, DU Xue-fang, ZHANG Shuai, et al. Browse: 420 Check PDF documents
Friction torque characteristics of airframe rod end swing bearing

JIANG Di-yong1, DU Xue-fang2, ZHANG Shuai2,3, DENG Si-er3

(1.Hangzhou Bearing Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou 310022, China;

2.School of Mechanical Engineering, Henan Institute of Technology, Xinxiang 453003, China;

3.School of Mechatronics Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471003, China)

Abstract:  For bearings in frequent swinging conditions, it is required to have a small friction torque on the basis of good lubrication and sealing performance. Aiming at the problem of how to reduce the friction torque of the airframe rod end swing bearing, the friction torque characteristics of the airframe rod end swing bearing was studied. Firstly, the main components of the airframe rod end swing bearing were analyzed mechanically. Then, the dynamic differential equations of the airframe rod end swing bearing were established according to the mechanical equilibrium relationship. Finally, the effects of the main working condition parameters (including the swing frequency, the swing amplitude, the radial load, the axial load and the grease friction coefficient) and structural parameters (including the inner ring groove curvature radius, the outer ring groove curvature diameter and the steel ball diameter) on the friction torque of the airframe rod end swing bearing were studied. The results show that the friction torque is greatly affected by the working condition parameters of the bearing and the curvature radius of the inner ring groove, but not by the curvature diameter of the outer ring groove and the diameter of the steel ball. The airframe rod end swing bearing can not only bear too much axial load, but also ensure its good sealing performance. The study of friction torque characteristics provides a theoretical support for the design and application of the airframe rod end swing bearing.

Key words:  double row self-aligning ball bearings; bearing friction performance; influencing factors of friction torque; dynamics analysis model; working condition parameters; structural parameters

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