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Singularity analysis of 6R articulated robot
Published:2023-01-30 author:MI Xian, KU Xiang-chen, MA Dong-yang, et al. Browse: 573 Check PDF documents
Singularity analysis of 6R articulated robot

MI Xian, KU Xiang-chen, MA Dong-yang, YANG Xing-tao, ZHAO Huan-le

(School of Mechatronics Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471003, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the singular shape problem of the 6 revolute joints (6R) robot, the feasible motion and direction of the end effector were studied by algebraic theory when the robot was in the singular configuration. Firstly, the IRB 4600—40/2.55 industrial robot was taken as the research object, the Jacobian matrix of the robot object with the wrist as the reference point was constructed by using the link speed recursion method, and all the singular forms of the robot were obtained. Then, by analyzing the geometrical properties of the robot's odd shape, the kinematic singularity of the 6 degree of freedom (6-DOF) open chain robot with revolute and prismatic joints would occur when two rotational pairs were coaxial, three planar rotational pairs were parallel, and four rotational pairs were co-pointed. Finally, based on the operability ellipsoid, the robot flexibility index was proposed, and the Robotics toolbox in MATLAB was used to carry out a visual simulation analysis of the robot flexibility index. The results show that the simulation results are consistent with theoretical results, the 6R robot has three singular configurations and combinatorial singular configurations among three singular cases, which can verify the rationality of the proposed robot flexibility index and the correctness of the previous singular configuration, and provide a theoretical basis for the follow-up research on the avoidance of the singular configuration and its path planning.

Key words:  mechanics theory; industrial robot; Jacobian matrix; singular configuration analysis; operability ellipsoid; dexterity index
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