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Operation status inspection of tower crane based on improved LVQ algorithm
Published:2023-01-30 author:ZHOU Qing-hui, LIU Hao-shi, LIU Yao-fei, et al. Browse: 588 Check PDF documents
Operation status inspection of tower crane 
based on improved LVQ algorithm

ZHOU Qing-hui1,2, LIU Hao-shi1, LIU Yao-fei1,3, LI Xin1,2, XIE Yi-dong1,2

(1.School of Mechanical, Electrical and Vehicle Engineering, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and 

Architecture, Beijing 100044, China; 2.Beijing Construction Safety Monitoring Engineering Technology 

Research Center, Beijing 100044, China; 3.China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., Beijing 100040, China)

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of safe operation of tower crane inspection results, avoid misjudgment, and improve the intelligence level of tower crane inspection, an improved learning vector quantization (LVQ) artificial neural network model was proposed to realize the intelligent inspection of safe operation of tower crane. Firstly, the randomly-selected test samples set was established for the whole equipment on the basis of the inspection samples of tower cranes on construction sites in recent years. Based on the safety technical standards and specifications of tower cranes, the inspection items were divided into the 15 common factors as the number of input layer of the neural network in the sample set. Then,the inspection data of 290 tower cranes were counted. For the connection of metal structure, working environment, main parts and mechanisms, the frequency of these three nonconformities was high. Finally, the conventional LVQ algorithm was improved on the evaluation model, and the LVQ classifier was trained by using the optimized characteristic data. Hence, based on the improved LVQ algorithm,an intelligent inspection was proposed. The classification and recognition experiments were carried out on 50 test samples. The research result shows that the improved LVQ algorithm can increase the accuracy of judgment, because both the qualified rate for qualified equipment and unqualified rate for the unqualified equipment can all reach 100% in the whole equipment inspection. Therefore, the improved LVQ algorithm can avoid misjudgment and realize the safe and intelligent inspection.

Key words: selfpropelled crane; operation safety status; safety technical standards and specifications; learning vector quantization (LVQ); artificial neural network model; LVQ classifier
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