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Calculation of real meshing position of cycloidal-pin gear based on tooth profile deviation
Published:2023-02-15 author:ZHANG Yang, LI Tian-xing, DAI Zhen, et al. Browse: 497 Check PDF documents
Calculation of real meshing position of cycloidal-pin gear 
based on tooth profile deviation

ZHANG Yang, LI Tian-xing, DAI Zhen, ZHOU Jing-yuan, ZHANG Rui-yao

(School of Mechatronics Engineering, Henan University of Science & Technology, Luoyang 471003, China)

Abstract:  The discordant position of theoretical engagement point and actual engagement point was due to the tooth profile deviation of cycloid gear. Aiming at this problem, a method to determine the real engagement point of cycloid-pin pair with tooth profile deviation was proposed. Firstly, the cycloid tooth surface was sampled by the gear measuring center, and the digital representation of the tooth profile was obtained based on cubic B-spline curve reconstruction. Then, based on the cycloid-pin pair transmission principle and gear train conversion principle, it was transformed into fixed axle gear train and the real contact analysis model of cycloid-pin pair was established. A method to solve the model was proposed and the results were calculated by MATLAB programming, and then the contact impressions were obtained. Finally, the meshing point positions and imprints of cycloid-pin pair obtained from theoretical standard tooth profile and actual tooth profile were compared and analyzed. The research results show that, the cycloid rotation angle at the real engagement point of cycloid-pin pair is 0.3° different from that at the theoretical engagement point, the tooth profile deviation has an effect on the meshing point position of cycloid-pin pair, which provides support for the research of the actual meshing characteristics of cycloid-pin pair.

Key words: gear drive; true engagement point; cubic B-spline curve reconstruction; meshing characteristic; contact pattern; fixed axle gear train
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