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Test and analysis of measurement characteristics of line structured light sensor
Published:2023-02-15 author:LIU Yi, SUN Yan-qiang, SHI Zhao-yao, et al. Browse: 534 Check PDF documents
Test and analysis of measurement characteristics of 
line structured light sensor

LIU Yi, SUN Yan-qiang, SHI Zhao-yao, YU Bo

(Beijing Engineering Research Center of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments,
Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China)

Abstract: In order to reveal the measurement characteristics of line structured light sensor under the influence of various factors, line structured light sensor was used as the test object, a test platform was designed to study the influence of the internal and external factors of the sensor on the measurement characteristics of the wire-structured light sensor. Firstly, according to the working principle of line structured light sensor, the factors affecting the measurement characteristics were analyzed and the test items were determined. Then, according to the test requirements, the test platform of the linear structured light sensor was constructed. Finally, two sensors from different manufacturers were used for testing, the internal factors (internal temperature, measurement area position, exposure time) and external factors (measurement object properties, ambient light intensity) of the two sensors were tested on the test platform. Through the analysis, the effects of different factors on the measurement characteristics of the line structured light sensor were obtained. The research results show that the change of the measurement result of the line structured light sensor has a positive correlation trend with the change of the internal temperature, and it takes about 1 hour to reach a stable state after starting up. The stability of different positions of the sensor measurement area is different, and the stability of the middle area in the X direction is better than that of both ends. The exposure time determines the stability and reliability of the measurement results. Line structured light sensor cannot stably measure objects with strong light transmittance. The influence of ambient light intensity on the measurement results can be ignored.

Key words: optical measuring instruments; line structured light measuring technology; internal temperature; measurement area position; exposure time; measurement object properties; ambient light intensity
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