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Position control technology of drive integrated 7DOF manipulator
Published:2023-02-15 author:CHEN Gang, WU Jing, JIN Gui-Yang, et al. Browse: 535 Check PDF documents
Position control technology of drive integrated 7DOF manipulator

CHEN Gang1, WU Jing1, JIN GuiYang2, YAN Nan2

(1.Electrical Engineering Automation College, Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical, Hangzhou 310053, China;

2.Mechanical Electrical Engineering College, Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo 315800, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the position control problem of a 7 degree of freedom (7DOF) manipulator in the presence of model uncertainty and unknown external disturbances such as friction and gravity, a 7DOF manipulator driving integrated controller was developed. Firstly, a 7DOF robotic arm drive control based on advanced risc machines (ARM) + digital signal processor (DSP) + field programmable gate array (FPGA) architecture was designed. The integrated controller scheme was ensured sufficient computing performance.Secondly, a 7DOF manipulator multi-motor cooperative control method was proposed to improve the accuracy and stability of the manipulator position control system.Then, a nonlinear disturbance observer and the composite control law of the fast-continuous nonsingular terminal synovium was used to compensate for external disturbances and system uncertainty, while ensuring the rapid convergence of the system. Finally, the experiments of the position control, speed control, constant torque control and sliding mode position control based on nonlinear disturbance observer were carried out.The effectiveness of the driving integrated control scheme and the composite control strategy was verified.The research results show that the adopted drive-control integrated controller and multi-motor position synergistic control method can ensure that the steady-state error of the position, speed and constant torque control of the joint motor of the 7DOF manipulator is within 1%. The design based on nonlinear disturbance observer compared with the proportional integral derivative (PID) position control, the performance of overshoot, response speed and steadystate accuracy are improved by 10%~15%. It meets the requirements of high-speed and high-precision servo control of the robotic arm.

Key words: advanced risc machines(ARM); digital signal processor(DSP); field programmable gate array(FPGA); nonlinear disturbance observer(NDOB); fastcontinuous nonsingular terminal sliding mode control(FNTSMC); integrated controller
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