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Dynamic scheduling of flexible job shop considering order expedited production
Published:2023-02-15 author:ZHU Xu-dong. Browse: 512 Check PDF documents

Dynamic scheduling of flexible job shop considering 
order expedited production

ZHU Xu-dong

(Wuxi Institute of Art and Technology, Yixing 214200, China)

Abstract:  In order to solve the dynamic rescheduling problem of flexible workshop under the disturbance of urgent order production, a dynamic rescheduling method based on forced evolutionary genetic algorithm and memory priority processing channel was proposed to shorten the overall processing time. Firstly, the dynamic rescheduling problem was described and modeled. Then, aiming at the static scheduling problem of flexible workshop, a method of genetic probability and operation range changing adaptively with individuals was designed, and a static scheduling algorithm of forced evolutionary genetic algorithm was proposed. For the dynamic rescheduling problem under the disturbance of urgent orders, a priority processing channel with memory ability was set up. Finally, taking the 6-Piece workshop as the experimental background, the dynamic rescheduling method of flexible workshop was experimentally verified, namely, the static scheduling performance based on forced evolutionary genetic algorithm and the dynamic rescheduling performance based on memory priority channel were verified respectively. The experiment results show that the average processing time of the static scheduling scheme of the forced evolutionary genetic algorithm is 39.4 min, which is 4.57% less than that of the improved genetic algorithm and 6.85% less than that of the standard genetic algorithm. Under the working conditions of different expediting times and different workpiece expediting, the expedited order production time and overall processing time of memory priority processing channel are less than those of the greedy adaptive method. The results show that the rescheduling scheme based on memory priority processing channel takes into account the processing time of emergency orders and the processing time of overall orders.

Key words:  flexible manufacturing system/cell; flexible workshop scheduling; order expediting disturbance; forced evolutionary genetic algorithm; memory priority processing channel; processing time

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