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Analysis of escalator truss structure under seismic conditions
Published:2023-02-15 author:YANG Tian-ling, LIN Sen, CHEN Yi-dong. Browse: 553 Check PDF documents
Analysis of escalator truss structure under seismic conditions

YANG Tian-ling1, LIN Sen3, CHEN Yi-dong2

(1.Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, 
Hangzhou 310053, China; 
2.China United Engineering Co.,Ltd., Hangzhou 310052, China; 

3.Hangzhou LiveLab Education Technology Co.,Ltd., Hangzhou 310000, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of stress analysis of escalator under the seismic load,taking the example of contract case as an instruction, the strength of escalator truss structure under seismic load was analyzed and summarized by finite element analysis method, and the truss reinforcement and civil engineering treatment method under seismic condition were comprehensively and deeply understood. Firstly, the differences of seismic load cases in different standard were compared. Using static analysis and finite element simplification method, the seismic load was added on the basis of basic structure analysis.Then, using ANSYS parametric design language(APDL), the profile specifications of truss with different seismic accelerations were obtained by calculation and analysis. Finally, after the improvement structure was determined, the civil engineering treatment methods were further analyzed and summarized. The endpoint fixation and intermediate support fixation were described. The civil engineering extension was calculated and summarized. The research results show that, the finite element analysis method was practical when it was applied to the seismic condition of escalator truss. The reinforcement escalator truss was calculated and summarized under different seismic acceleration,and the strength and stability of truss can meets the standard requirements. This research method provided a practical solution for this kind of structure under the seismic condition.

Key words: transport machinery; truss structure strength; escalator; ANSYS parametric design language(APDL); static analysis; seismic load

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