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Pressure pulsation characteristics of low specific speed centrifugal pump
Published:2023-02-15 author:REN Ai-Lin, SONG Wen-Wu, ZHOU Yue Browse: 734 Check PDF documents
Pressure pulsation characteristics of low specific speed centrifugal pump

REN Ai-Lin1,2, SONG Wen-Wu1,2, ZHOU Yue1,2

(1.School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xihua University, Chengdu 610039, China; 
2.Key Laboratory 
of Fluid and Power Machinery of Ministry of Education, Xihua University, Chengdu 610039, China)

Abstract:  In order to reduce the negative effect of pressure pulsation on low specific speed centrifugal pumps, pressure pulsation and radial forces in centrifugal pumps were investigated under solidliquid twophase flow conditions. Firstly, a centrifugal pump with specific speed of 66 was used as the research object. The simulation model was built and meshed by software. Then, the mixture multiphase flow model and RNG kε turbulence model were used as the calculation model. Monitoring points were set at centrifugal pump blades, volutes and separators, and calculation schemes were set. Finally, the laws of pressure fluctuation and radial force at each monitoring point in the low specific speed centrifugal pump were numerically simulated by ANSYS CFX software, in order to obtain the influence law of particle size, particle concentration and centrifugal pump flow on the characteristics of centrifugal pump. The research results show that when φ=1.0%, with the increase of particle size, the pressure fluctuation amplitude at each monitoring point decreases, the radial force at the impeller generally decreases, and the radial force at the volute generally increases.When d=0.5 mm, with the increase of liquid concentration, the pressure pulsation amplitude in the centrifugal pump shows an overall upward trend, but it decreases slightly at the tongue, the radial force at the impeller increases continuously, and the radial force at the volute decreases. The pressure pulsation at the monitoring point of the centrifugal pump diaphragm mainly occurs at the blade frequency and its multiple frequency, and the pressure pulsation at the blade monitoring point mainly occurs in the small frequency range. Therefore, properly reducing the particle size in the centrifugal pump and increasing the particle concentration and flow can stabilize the pressure pulsation at the diaphragm.

Key words: vane pump; solid-liquid two-phase; numerical simulation; particle size; particle concentration; centrifugal pump flow; radial force

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