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Nonlinear characteristics of electro-hydraulic flow matching system of truck crane
Published:2023-03-23 author:HOU Guan-nan, WANG Fei, YANG Ming-kun, et al. Browse: 473 Check PDF documents
Nonlinear characteristics of electrohydraulic flow 
matching system of truck crane

HOU Guan-nan1, WANG Fei2,3, YANG Ming-kun2, YU Cong2, JIA Peng-shuo2, AI Chao2

(1.School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Shougang Institute of Technology, Beijing 

100043, China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, 
3.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Xinjiang Institute of Engineering, Urumqi 830023, China)

Abstract:  A nonlinear mapping model of hydraulic pump flow based on prior data was proposed to solve the problems of nonlinear flow and nonlinear load disturbance of hydraulic pump in variable speed electro-hydraulic flow matching system of truck crane. Firstly, the mathematical model of the motor, quantitative pump and hydraulic cylinder was built. Then, the relationship between the pressure, speed and volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump was measured through experiments, the volumetric efficiency cloud diagram was fitted, and the pump flow nonlinear mapping model was constructed. Finally, taking the luffing mechanism as the analysis object, the AMESim software was used to build a system simulation model, comparative simulation analysis of hydraulic pump flow nonlinearity and nonlinear load disturbance before and after flow compensation was carried out. The research results show that under the compensation of the hydraulic pump flow nonlinear mapping model, the system can compensate the motor speed, so that the output flow of the hydraulic pump does not change with the change of load pressure, when the load has 25 kN, 50 kN and 75 kN step fluctuations, the maximum flow fluctuation amplitude is reduced by 52.1%, 47.9% and 43.5% respectively, which verifies the effectiveness of the proposed flow nonlinear model and improves the control accuracy and motion stability of the luffing telescopic mechanism.

Key words: hoisting machinery; self-propelled crane; hydraulic pump; flow nonlinearity model; nonlinear load disturbance; luffing mechanism; flow compensation
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