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Ultrasonic vibration aided milling technology of titanium alloy thin-walled parts
Published:2023-03-23 author:YU Fu-quan, FANG Zhen-long. Browse: 170 Check PDF documents
Ultrasonic vibration aided milling technology of 
titanium alloy thin-walled parts

YU Fu-quan, FANG Zhen-long

(Mechanical and Electrical College, Changchun Polytechnic, 
Changchun 130000, China)

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of large deformation and low machining accuracy in milling thin-walled titanium alloy parts, an auxiliary milling process based on ultrasonic vibration was proposed. Firstly, the cutting deformation mechanism of titanium alloy was analyzed, and the key factors affecting the workpiece deformation were found out, which provided a reference for the subsequent parameter index analysis. Then, the deformation and stress of titanium alloy thin-walled parts were analyzed by using ABAQUS finite element simulation software, and the action mechanism of ultrasonic vibration and its influence on cutting force were discussed. Finally, the influence of different process parameters on the milling deformation of thin-walled parts under ultrasonic assisted conditions was studied by single factor experiment. The results show that ultrasonic vibration assisted machining can effectively solve the problem of milling deformation of thin-walled parts and greatly improve the machining accuracy. With the increase of spindle speed and ultrasonic power, the deformation of thin-walled parts decreases gradually. With the increase of feed speed, the deformation of thin-wall increases gradually. The experimental and simulation results are basically consistent, and the average error between the experimental and theoretical values is less than 5%, which provides a reference for the selection and optimization of parameters in the milling of titanium alloy thin-walled parts.

Key words: ultrasonic vibration aided processing; machining accuracy; process parameters; milling deformation of thin-walled parts; spindle speed; ultrasonic power

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