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Unbalanced vibration suppression of sliding bearing rotor system with integral squeeze film damper
Published:2023-11-27 author:LU Kaihua, GENG Binbin, HE Lidong, et al. Browse: 206 Check PDF documents
Unbalanced vibration suppression of sliding bearing rotor system with 
integral squeeze film damper

LU Kaihua1, GENG Binbin1, HE Lidong2, CHEN Zhao1, WANG Wusi1, ZHANG Jiayang1

(1.Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute, Beijing 100076; 2.College of Mechanical and 
Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100029)

Abstract:  Due to the needs of high speed and high power, many existing rotor equipments are often designed based on sliding bearings, so the vibration caused by the unbalanced fault becomes the key factor affecting the safe operation of these equipment. In order to investigate the suppression effect of integral squeeze film damper (ISFD) on the vibration of sliding bearing rotor systems caused by unbalanced faults, an experimental study was conducted on the unbalanced vibration response of the rotor system after installing ISFD damping supports. Firstly, based on an existing rotor test bench in the laboratory, ISFD damping supports with sliding bearings were designed, and the vibration reduction mechanism of ISFD was briefly introduced. Then, the radial stiffness characteristics of the ISFD elastomer were studied using finite element method. Finally, a single span symmetric rotor test bench was built to experimentally study the suppression effect of the ISFD damping support on unbalanced vibration of the rotor. The research results indicate that the ISFD elastomer has excellent linear stiffness characteristics over a wide load range, with displacement values linearly related to static loads. ISFD has excellent damping characteristics and can effectively suppress the unbalanced vibration of the sliding bearing rotor system under different speed conditions. Among them, the vibration reduction of the rotor in the x and y directions at 1800r/min is respectively 38.4% and 49.4%. ISFD damping support can effectively suppress the unbalance vibration caused by unbalanced faults in the sliding bearing rotor system. The unbalance vibration reduction of the rotor in the x and y directions at 1 600 r/min is respectively 19.5% and 29.4%, indicating good vibration reduction effect. The research results provide a reference for the practical engineering application of ISFD in sliding bearing rotor system, and have good application prospects.

Key words:  sliding bearing rotor system; integral squeeze film damper (ISFD); ISFD damping supporting structure; unbalanced fault; vibration response; radial stiffness characteristics of elastomer; vibration suppression effect
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