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Vibration suppression of refrigerator compressor based on acoustic black hole dynamic vibration absorber
Published:2023-11-27 author:ZHANG Qiang, XING Jinpeng. Browse: 200 Check PDF documents
Vibration suppression of refrigerator compressor based on acoustic black 
hole dynamic vibration absorber

ZHANG Qiang, XING Jinpeng

(School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Qingdao University of Technology, Qingdao 266520, China)

Abstract: Compressor is the main vibration excitation source of household refrigerator. Adding a dynamic vibration absorber to the vibration transmission path of compressor can effectively suppress the vibration energy of compressor, and at the same time, the cost is low. Acoustic black hole (ABH) can be used for structure vibration absorption due to the high energy dissipation at the tip of the edge when damping material is applied on the tip. However, its application in practical vibration control is limited due to the characteristic of its energy absorption which is only effective at high frequencies. Therefore, the application of ABH on the vibration reduction of a refrigerator compressor was explored for reducing compressor vibration transmission. First, the theoretical model of ABH power absorber was developed using semi-analytic method. The accuracy of the inherent frequency of the ABH beam model was verified using the finite element method. Then, the ABH dynamic vibration absorber modal loss factor was calculated, and the vibration energy suppression effect of the model in the frequency domain of compressor vibration was analyzed. Finally,in order to further verify the control effect of the ABH vibration absorber on the compressor, according to the design parameters, the ABH dynamic vibration absorber was manufactured by 3D printing.  An experimental investigation was carried out by attaching the ABH beam on the foot of the compressor for vibration absorption. The experimental results show that the ABH dynamic vibration absorber can effectively damping the vibration of the compressor under two commonly used operating speeds, one at 2700r/min and the other at 3900r/min. The first 10 orders of the compressor in the frequency range of 20Hz to 1000Hz have more than 8 orders of vibration response amplitude to be effectively suppressed. The research results show that the ABH dynamic vibration absorber has a favorable vibration attenuation effect.

Key words: air compressor; acoustic black hole (ABH) beam structure; vibration absorber; vibration reduction; modal loss factor; acceleration spectrum
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