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Review on compliant gripper with adjustable stiffness
Published:2023-11-27 author:LU Xuanming, BAI Jing, WANG Baosheng. Browse: 209 Check PDF documents
Review on compliant gripper with adjustable stiffness

LU Xuanming, BAI Jing, WANG Baosheng

(Industrial Technology Research Institute of Intelligent Equipment, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211167, China)

Abstract:  Compliant gripper not only retains the compliance of soft actuator, but also lifts up the gripping force efficiently. Compliant gripper with adjustable stiffness can be mainly classified into three categories according to different structure and actuation pattern including endoskeleton or exoskeleton based, jamming effect based, and low-melting alloy or polymer based. Flexible adjustment of stiffness cannot be realized by endoskeleton or exoskeleton-based gripper. For the two typical structures of jamming effect-based gripper, the range of stiffness adjustment of layer jamming based structure is larger than that of granular jamming-based structure; however, the structure of layer jamming based gripper is more complicated leading to more complicated fabrication process. The major defect of low-melting alloy or polymer-based gripper is its long movement response time as well as the required high insulativity and heat resistance for the actuator. By analyzing and concluding state-of-the-art of compliant gripper, the key questions which have been neglected in this research field are raised mainly including three aspects as follows: the lack of deep research in the theory of adjustable stiffness mechanism, the lack of research in the reliability and lifetime of compliant gripper with adjustable stiffness, and the lack of research in the application of compliant gripper with adjustable stiffness.

Key words:  soft actuator; compliant gripper; stiffness adjustment; jamming effect; layer interference; particle interference; research status
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